Marcus Brown Blog: Dec. 18
Marcus Brown

Marcus Brown Blog: Dec. 18

Senior offensive tackle Marcus Brown (Upper Marlboro, Md.) is concluding his career at Temple University. Over the next two weeks, members of the Senior Class will share their thoughts as their final season of wearing the Cherry & White winds down and they gear up for their first bowl appearance.

December 18, 2009

Temple University has been the ultimate experience in my life. I have learned so much here. Just talking about it makes me very emotional. I remember like it was yesterday, being at home, anticipating my arrival in North Philadelphia. I didn't know how to deal with leaving Maryland in which I had been my whole life. The longest that I had ever been away from home, before college, was when I spent the summer with my aunt in New Jersey when I was in middle school. Being up in New Jersey for a month, I knew that I was not built for being away from home for a long time. That was when I knew that I could easily get homesick.

When I first came to Temple University in the summer of 2006, I had mixed feelings. One part of me was missing home, and another part of me was enjoying life as a college football player. I was so excited for the season. Coming into Temple as a business major, I knew that if I were to succeed in the field, then my career would greatly benefit from it. All that I needed to do was to apply myself.

Overall, my freshman year at Temple was tough. I was trying to get the hang of being a Temple University student-athlete. One thing that stood out to me was that everything seemed more difficult than high school. My teammates that I was going against in practice and the opponents on the other teams that we were facing in games were twice as fast as the guys that I played against in high school. That's when I realized how competitive college football was. So more than anything, my freshman year was a learning experience. Although we only won one game that year, which was on homecoming against Bowling Green, that was one of the most special moments I ever had. Although we lost the rest of the games on the schedule that year, we knew that we had something special cooking for the future.

My sophomore year at Temple was tough for me as well. With changing my major to liberal arts, many people were telling me that I would never be able to receive a decent job after I was done with football. Also, my playing time had taken an extreme hit. I was going through all types of personal issues, including health issues. It almost got to a point in which I didn't know if I were capable of being a college football player at Temple University. The benefit that I know I received during this point in my life was that I knew I was becoming a man. I knew I wasn't going to quit. Never in my life did I ever give up. At this point I had to dig deep and will my team to success. I wouldn't let my teammates down, and I wanted to be a part of the dream season that we had long been waiting for. I got to a point where I forced myself to never make any excuses. I just focused on the things that I could control. No longer was I trying to be like anybody that I had seen on television, but from then on, I wanted to be like Marcus Brown. At this point, I had found a new peace within myself. I was starting to accept my role on the team. I also began to trust Coach Golden and the coaching staff more, because I knew that they knew how to be successful in college football, and I trusted the journey on which they were taking us.

My junior year became the year that I had to redshirt. Also it was the year I changed positions. I had gone from a tight end to an offensive tackle. For people who may not know, position changes are more than just a change in position. It's a change in your lifestyle as well. Your understanding of the game of football changes when you change a position. You think, eat, act, and work out differently. With me changing my position to the offensive line, in all essence I knew that slowly but surely, I was about to transform into a massive human being. As I made gains in my weight, the future was looking brighter for me to see the college football field again. My junior year our team had been extremely competitive, and we were becoming a very good team as we gathered five wins. Although we came up short of a successful season in 2008, we knew that 2009 was going to be the year … our dream season.

Man, my season year has been a ball. I am so thankful to say that I had been blessed with the opportunity to play in three games in 2009. I had always wondered if I would ever make it out onto the playing field again, and I absolutely did. Not only did I have individual success, but my team had its dream season that we had always prayed for. Although we wanted to attain the MAC Championship this season, we finished with a record that hasn't been placed in the books in 30 years. I am proud to say that the 2009 Temple Owls had completed their regular-season with a 9-3 record. As a senior, it has been an honor to be around the people that I had been involved with for the last four years. My family stuck with me the entire way, and I love them for that. I love all my coaches and teammates, and it couldn't be a happier ending to what we had started when we first arrived in North Philadelphia in 2006 than to play UCLA in the EagleBank Bowl at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., on December 29, 2009. With that, I am glad to be a Temple Owl forever.

- Marcus Brown

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