Men's Crew Competes At Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta

Men's Crew Competes At Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta

PHILADELPHIA - The Temple Men's Crew had a very productive Saturday (Nov. 13), at the Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta. The Owls' Varsity 8 was involved in an intense race against the University of Delaware.

Both Temple and Delaware separated from the field in the second 500m, with the University of Delaware holding a slight edge.

Although the Owls led through the third 500m, the Blue Hens beat the Owls to the finish line by two seconds. Marietta and Drexel finished in third and fourth place, respectively.

Temple's 2nd Varsity team won the gold medal, beating Marietta and Drexel by over a length.

The Owls placed second and fifth in their two fours races.

Varsity 8
c Don Norris
8 Jimmy Barr
7 Scott Waters
6 Jeff Wunderlich
5 Brian Reehill
4 Jason Cartwright
3 Aaron Heyde
2 Mike Mirabella
1 John Masterson

2nd Varsity 8
c Matt Sbei
8 Steve Brady
7 Joe Bellesheim
6 John Boehm
5 Petar Ivacic
4 Maciej Grudzien
3 Mike VanAssche
2 Kevin Nally
1 Trey Ehmer

4+ “A"
c Nick Palastro
4 Steve Brady
3 Joe Bellesheim
2 George Vilimanovic
1 Petar Ivacic

4+ "B"
c Matt Sbei
4 Kevin Nally
3 Piotr Grudzien
2 John Boehm
1 Alex Klein

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