Women's Varsity 8 Places Fifth at Occoquan Sprints

Women's Varsity 8 Places Fifth at Occoquan Sprints

FAIRFAX, VA  - The Temple women's varsity 8 placed fifth in the Grand Final of the Occoquan Sprints Sunday. The Owls women's varsity 4 also came in fifth while TU's 2nd varsity 8 placed sixth.

Temple's varsity 8, comprised junior Taylor Wasserleben (stroke), sophomore Paige O' Sullivan (7-seat), sophomore Megan Welsh (6-seat), sophomore Joanna Sutor (5-seat), freshman Kara Carson (4-seat), graduate student Brynn Moore (3-seat), sophomore Claudia Loeber (2-seat), junior Allison Boc (bow), and senior Erin Buchanan (cox), bested Loyola College to take fifth place in their race. Dayton won the event followed by West Virginia, Saint Joseph's and George Mason.

The Owls' 2nd varsity 8 was manned by junior Dana Meadows (stroke), sophomore Grace Givnish (7-seat), sophomore Angela Flinn (6-seat), sophomore Anne Marie McClintock (5-seat), freshman Sarah Barber (4-seat), sophomore Brittany Adell (3-seat), junior Kara Jackson (2-seat), senior Caitlin Pennington (bow), and sophomore Jillian Malkowski (cox)

Temple's varsity 4 was manned by freshman Victoria Joye (stroke), freshman Sarah Gierhart (3-seat), freshman Megan Boyer (2-seat), senior Allison Bates (bow) and freshman Lauren Kidd (bow) and senior Allison Bates (cox), was just 3.69 seconds behind third place Lafayette while besting La Salle by over 11 seconds.

The Owls get back on the water this weekend at the Knecht Cup, held Saturday and Sunday on the Cooper River.
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