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Women's Rowing

Women's Rowing Finishes Fall at the Head of the Schuylkill

PHILADELPHIA – Temple women's rowing wrapped up its fall season with a strong showing at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta on Saturday. The Owls entered eight boats into the event, with half of the Temple entries finishing in the top-seven or higher.

Head coach Rebecca Grzybowski was pleased with the results. "It was a great way to cap off the fall season," she said. "We saw some really strong performances across the board, from the varsity level to the novices and our alumni won! The energy is great and we are feeling positive as we head into the indoor season."

The Owls had a pair of boats finish fifth in their respective races, the club eight "A" boat and the freshman/novice four. The club eight was fifth in a field of 31 boats, clocking in at 15:34.02, while the freshman four was fifth out of 21, recording a 17:52.81, just over a second out of fourth place. The club eight "A" boat featured Erin Matz (coxswain), Lily Papaleo (stroke), Emily Leyland (seven seat), Annie Buckley (six seat), Kathy Bostion (five seat), Jenna Bahel (four seat), Kaitlin Grisanti (three seat), Kayla Dorney (two seat), and Megan Gleason (bow). In the freshman four, Temple was represented by Victoria Verrekia (coxswain), Amber Dutcher (stroke), Gleason (three seat), Olivia Stifel (two seat), and Danielle White (bow).

Temple also saw a sixth place finish from the novice eight and a seventh place finish from the championship four boat. The novice eight finished in 16:03.58 to take sixth of 34, while the four entry was seventh out of 42 in 16:49.57. The eight was made up of Verrekia (coxswain), Dutcher (stroke), Janie Augustyn (seven seat), Amanda Wolfgang (six seat), Charlotte Forman (five seat), Symantha Sharon (four seat), Sierra Derti (three seat), Julia Blackmon (two seat), White (bow). The championship four "A" boat featured Eleanor Oken (coxswain), Papaleo (stroke), Callie Diguardia (three seat), Buckley (two seat), and Bostion (bow).

Temple's second entry in the championship four also raced strong, finished 16th (17:27.97) out of 42 boats. The crew was made up of Nicole Stark (coxswain), Dorney (stroke), Opperman (three seat), Grace Kroner (two seat), and Gina Inverso (bow).

The Owl varsity eight raced to a 14th place finish at the event. Kelsey Franks (coxswain), Mehler (stroke), Opperman (seven seat), Meekes (six seat), Diguardia (five seat), Jenna Bahel (four seat), Forman (three seat), Lea Millio (two seat), and Grisanti (bow), teamed up to post a time of 15:14.79.

Elsewhere, Temple's "B" entries in the novice eight and club eight races both finished 15th overall. The novice eight finished in 17:26.47 and was made up of Brittany Fowler (coxswain), Kelly McGee (stroke), Madiso Schwaabb (seven seat), Elena Ramos (six seat), Rachel Phillips (five seat), Meghan Fowler (four seat), Lisa Kennedy (three seat), Carolyn Brooks (two seat), and Sarah Scanlin (bow). The club eight clocked in at 16:06.16 and was comprised of Nicole Barth (coxswain), Kroner (stroke), Inverso (seven seat), Stifel (six seat), Brianne Wojciechowski (five seat), Olivia Aizen (four seat), Layla Moran (three seat), Aimee Meissner (two seat), and Samantha Sederstrand (bow).

The Owls were once again represented by an alumni boat at the event, with the Temple eight racing to a gold medal finish. The entry clocked in at 15:50.43 in the 10-boat race, finishing over 30 seconds faster than the second place crew.

The Head of the Schuylkill closed out the fall racing season for Temple. The Owls will be back in action in the spring with a full slate of races. 

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