Women's Crew Fares Well at Season Opener

Women's Crew Fares Well at Season Opener

Philadelphia- Temple Women's Rowing team met several other local universities on the Schuylkill river Saturday afternoon for a season opening competition. Temple hosted Drexel, Delaware and Lehigh University in a series of races including the Novice, Varsity 4 and Varsity 8 boats. The Owls celebrated a 1st place finish in the 2nd Novice 8 race and had a successful day overall.

In the first race of the day, the Owls varsity 8 A boat secured a 2nd place finish with a time of 6:55.25. The boat was comprised of Kelsey Franks (coxswain), Victoria Joye (seat-8), Jackie Lees (seat-7), Megan Boyer (seat-6), Callista DiGuardia (seat-5), Allison Watkins (seat-6), Kara Carson (seat-3), Moira Meekes (seat-2) and Lauren Kidd (bow).

Led by Erin Matz (coxswain), The Owls varsity 8 B boat posted a time of 7:18.40 and finished in 2nd place, behind Drexel. The boat was comprised of Lea Millio (seat-8), Gina Inverso (seat-7), Peace Ozoemena (seat-6), Sarah Barber (seat-5), Annie Buckley (seat-4), Susan O'Neil Coyne (seat-3), Grace Kroner (seat-2), Emily Opperman (bow).
The Varsity 4 A raced showed a continued battle against Temple and Drexel as the Owls finished 2nd to the Dragons with a time of 8:06.31. The boat was comprised of Eleanor Oken (coxswain), Lily Papaleo (seat-4), Devin Dakes (seat-3), Blair Bradley (seat-2), Kathy Bostion (bow). 

The Owls varsity 4 B boat finished 3rd in their respective race with a time of 8:45.9. the boat was comprised Julia Wolanski (coxswain), Kelly Hill (seat-4), Nicole Stark (seat-3), Eileen Smith (seat-2) and Monique Howard (bow). Delaware went on to secure a 1st place finish with a time of 8:21.00. 

In the Novice 8 A race, Temple secured a time of 7:33.96 and a 2nd place finish, behind Drexel.  The boat was comprised of Aubrie Foden (coxswain), Kayla Dorney (seat-8), Rachael Braccia (seat-7), Emily Mehler (seat-6), Sydney Garofolo (seat-5), Jenna Bahel (seat-4), Kaitlin Grisanti (seat-3), Imani Johnson (seat-2) and Samantha Sederstrand (bow).

To complete the race series with a bang, the Temple Novice 8 B boat finished in 1st place, ahead of Delaware, wih a time 8:14.32. The was led by Nicole Barth (coxswain), and comprised ofAimee Meissner (seat-8), Kathleen Mascitelli (seat-7), Gabriella Kelly (seat-6), Taryn Beaver (seat-5), Brianne Wojciechowski (seat-3), Sarah Asman (seat-2) and Lauren Thamel (bow). 
The Owls return to competition on March 22nd at the Murphy Cup Regatta. 
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