Owls Final Tuneup Before Next Scrimmage
LB Nate D. Smith sheds a blocker to tackle WR Brodrick Yancy

Owls Final Tuneup Before Next Scrimmage

The Owls held their final practicebefore their second scrimmage of training camp. Afterwards, head coach Matt Rhule was asked to speak with the attending media. Selected quotes from Coach Rhule are below. To view the full video, click here.

On what he wants to see in tomorrow's scrimmage: "I think a lot of positions are up in the air, except for center and left tackle, we know who our guys are, maybe a couple of spots in the offensive line. I want to see just overall guys fighting for jobs. On the defensive line, who the backups are. I know [Matt] Ioannidis is pretty much cemented in there, but who are the next guys. Running back wise, we have a lot of guys getting reps. Jahad [Thomas] and Hassan [Dixon] have done a really nice job, so where do they fit in exactly. That's probably the things I'm looking for."

On players who are improving: "I think Marc Tyson at fullback has done a really nice job allowing us to get downhill and he's blocked power really well, he's blocked the iso really nicely, so I'm pleased with Marc. I'd say [Hassan] Dixon and Jahad [Thomas] are kind of putting that emphasis on the running game and really trying to get away from what we were last year and become a little bit different. I think those running backs are really stepping up for us."

On Colin Thompson: "I'm really excited about Colin, he was the NCAA to play this year. So he's now eligible. The NCAA, sometimes they take flack, but they certainly did the right thing by Colin, because he wants to play and he's finally healthy. I don't know when he'll play, but he's eligible to play, at least."
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