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Owl Club Participates in Temple Toast

On Monday, February 15, the Temple Owl Club will participate in the Temple Toast, a One Day Giving campaign led by the Temple Fund. During the 24 hour campaign, they will strive to obtain 260 donors in one day. Last year the Owl Club gained 239 donors that contributed a total of $52,874 to the Owl Club Annual Fund, which directly supports Temple student-athletes by providing scholarships, academic aid, and training resources.
To participate in the Temple Toast and to help the Owl Club achieve its goal of 260 donors in one day, you can make a gift by visiting www.TempleOwlClub.com/JoinNow and by referring a friend to join the Owl Club through the GET ONE New Member Referral Program. When you Get One new member, you receive a bonus of 50 priority points and you are eligible to win the grand prizes given after June 30.
Last year Owl Club Executive Board Member, Jack Fatica, accumulated the most referrals through the GET ONE New Member Referral Program. Fatica got 16 of his friends to make a gift to Temple Athletics to join the Owl Club that day. "I was surprised at how many of my Temple friends wanted to support Athletics when I asked. All it took was me reaching out to them to tell them all the great things going on at Temple" Fatica said.
With the generous support of Owl Club members, the Temple Athletics department has been able to expand the Resnick Academic Center, renovate Olympic Sport Locker rooms, and enhance the Olympic Sport Weight Room. To learn more about the Owl Club and how your gift will impact more than 500 Temple student-athletes, please call 215-204-CLUB (2582) or visit www.TempleOwlClub.com.
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