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Pro Owls: Volleyball's Tyler Davis

PHILADELPHIA -- As part of Temple's #ProOwls series, this summer OwlSports.com will feature Q&A's with recently graduated student-athletes who have stepped out into the work force. First up, we caught up with Tyler Davis, a four-year member of the Owls' volleyball team and an All-Conference selection. Davis recently started a job as a financial advisor at North Star Resource Group.

1.) What is your job title and what does it entail both day-to-day and long term?
My job title is Financial Adviser and day-to-day that includes meeting with clients, calling clients, discussing financial paths and decisions and creating plans for the future. Long term, I hope to build a practice with a large amount of clients from different industries in order to help people reach their financial goals and prepare them for the best and the worst. 

2.) How did your major help prepare you for your current role?
I was a finance major so it really helped give me a solid foundation in the field. It also taught me how to think critically in a business environment. Financial advising really uses skills from a few different majors such as finance, marketing, and risk management so it was very beneficial that I was required to take these different classes. 

3.) What are your favorite and maybe less favorite things about working full-time?
I enjoy having a daily structure and schedule and knowing that I am working towards something long term that I am passionate about. Obviously, waking up early every day and driving to work isn't always the best so it would probably be much worse if I didn't like what I was doing! 

4.) What parts of being a Temple student-athlete are helping you now in the "real world?"
Pretty much every aspect of being a student-athlete helps in the "real world". When I have to wake up early to drive to work, sometimes its hard because I'm tired or whatever else, but I know that I've done much harder things before. Waking up early, going to weightlifting, rushing to class, going to practice, doing homework; all of these things showed me that I am much more capable than I thought I was. Being a student-athlete showed me how to push myself further and how to deal with the struggles. It also helped with time management since we traveled and practiced so often, I learned that if I focused and prioritized correctly, I had the time to finish the things I needed. 

5.) What advice would you give your former and younger teammates about preparing for life after graduation?
My advice is put yourself in the best position possible. Based on your goals for post-graduation, whether that's starting a career or traveling, set yourself up for success. If you want to secure a job, apply a year or two in advance, get an internship, put yourself out there and go to career events. If you want to travel, maybe pick up a part-time job on the weekends to save up the money. You never want to approach graduation and have zero plans. Set a goal and do what you have to do. 
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