2018-19 Women's Fencing Roster

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Back Row (L to R): Head Coach Dr. Nikki Franke, Quinn Duwelius, Marielle Luke, Eva Hinds, Camille Simmons, Kerry Plunkett, Jessica Rockford, Malia Hee, Megan Ross, Zahrah Dinkins, Assistant Coach Josh Herring. Front Row (L to R): Aryana Abtin, Blessing Olaode, Ally Micek, Auset Muhammad, Kennedy Lovelace, Fiona Fong, Cassie Navalta.


Women's Fencing Staff

  • Head Coach

    Dr. Nikki Franke

  • Assistant Coach

    Josh Herring

  • Sam Whitney
    Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

    Sam Whitney

  • Katie Kreider
    Director of Operations

    Katie Kreider

2018-19 Women's Fencing Roster
Aryana Abtin Fr. 5-7 Foil Hillsboro, Ore. Jesuit
Zahrah Dinkins So. 5-6 Epee Chicago, Ill. Ogden International
Quinn Duwelius R-Jr. 5-5 Epee Gales Ferry, Conn. Ledyard
Fiona Fong Sr. 5-4 Epee Warren, N.J. Watchung Hills
Malia Hee Jr. 5-7 Sabre Vancouver, Wash. St. Mary's Academy
Eva Hinds So. 5-8 Sabre Oregon City, Ore. Portland Waldorf
Kennedy Lovelace Jr. 5-4 Foil Frisco, Texas Spring Creek Academy
Marielle Luke So. 5-7 Epee Anchorage, Alaska South Anchorage
Ally Micek Sr. 5-4 Epee Houston, Texas Lamar
Auset Muhammad Sr. 5-1 Foil Chicago, Ill. Chicago Waldorf
Cassie Navalta Fr. 5-4 Foil Medfield, Mass. Medfield
Blessing Olaode Sr. 5-4 Sabre Maplewood, N.J. Columbia
Kerry Plunkett Jr. 5-11 Sabre West Linn, Ore. West Linn
Jessica Rockford Sr. 5-9 Sabre Livingston, N.J. Livingston
Megan Ross So. 5-7 Foil Fairport, N.Y. Fairport
Camille Simmons Jr. 5-9 Epee Bellaire, Texas School of the Woods

Women's Fencing Staff

Women's Fencing - Coaching Staff
Image Name Title
Dr. Nikki Franke Head Coach
Josh Herring Assistant Coach
Sam Whitney Sam Whitney Associate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Katie Kreider Katie Kreider Director of Operations

Women's Fencing Staff