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Friends and Futbol: Four Years of Mahoney and Mueller

Men's soccer seniors Matt Mahoney and Stefan Mueller certainly have a lot in common.  They both played soccer for the same club team, both committed to Temple University, both are from New York, both play the same position, share the same major, wear Under Armour cleats, and if you want to be really knit-picky, both have seven letters in their last name, each having three vowels.

Mahoney and Mueller met and became friends their junior year of high school, both playing club academy soccer on the 16 to 18 team.  Mahoney is originally from Poughkeepsie while Mueller is from Long Island, specifically East Northport.  It was their friendship that got Mahoney to commit to Temple.  Mueller had already committed to Temple and explained that, "… [Matt] was actually committed somewhere else, and then that kind of fell through, and I convinced him to come here with me."

While talking about how they committed to Temple, their positions on the team naturally came next.  The duo play the same defensive position on opposite sides of the field.  They both agreed that nearly playing the same position and being close friends has certainly helped them mature into stronger players.  Mueller added that, "sometimes we go out and practice with each other, and it's easy because we play the same position on opposite sides.  So we can help each other. For example, doing crosses, we can both switch it up, back and forth, and do the same thing. It helps a lot." Mahoney went on to mention, "we both pretty much have to work on the same aspects of our game. So even if we go out to the field on our own, we both do the same thing, just on the opposite sides of the field."

Their close friendship definitely helps them prepare for matches and get better, but it also helps them during a match. They both agreed that their friendship has given them a great chemistry on the field. Stefan mentioned that it's, "…just chemistry, we know how each other plays, we know our strengths, we know our weaknesses." Mahoney mentioned that because they play on opposite sides of the field they don't get to pass the ball to each other much.  However, while playing in the back four, they all have to have a good link and connection, and that stems from communication.

Outside of playing for the Temple's Men's team, Mahoney and Mueller like to play other sports. They went on to mention that during the spring they like to play tennis and volleyball.  They also like to go to the gym together.  During the fall they tend to just relax during their free time since their soccer schedule can be very demanding. It's easy for them to be on the same schedule because they have lived together since freshman year.  They decided to room together because of their friendship that had started two years prior to their arrival in Philadelphia.

Living together has been an incredibly smooth experience according to the pair.  They don't get on each other's nerves and essentially share the same schedule since they both play soccer, and are working towards completing kinesiology degrees. Mueller went on to mention that when he came to Temple he was undecided, but because of his interest in weight lifting and training, and knowing Mahoney was already in the Kinesiology program, he thought he would try it out.

The theme between Mahoney and Mueller seems to be that they both have incredibly similar interests, even when it comes to pranking old roommates. Matt mentioned that some of their funniest memories reach back to freshman year. As roommates, the pair spent every day with each other while their other roommates were down the hall.  "We always used to kind of, prank [the other freshman]," Mueller explained. "We would put shaving cream on their door; we would always mess with their rooms, just kind of fun stuff you do freshman year." Mahoney continued mentioning they would "take the stuff out of their [roommates] room and put it in the hallway." He capped the story off laughing, "yeah, that was fun."  

There's no denying the strong bond between this defensive senior duo. They seem to always gracefully complete each other's sentences as if they were both in tune with what the other was going to say next. It's a quality that surely shows itself during a match.

Mahoney and Mueller are both in their final year at Temple, so naturally the question is what comes next?  They both aspire to continue playing soccer, Mueller adding, "hopefully on the same team!"

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